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Handcrafted Products for you, your family and your pets!

Seasonal Products

From our Family to Your's

SQ Naturals is more then just a bar of soap:  We put great pride into making each and every bar.

We also have lotions, butter balms, fizzies, body mists, liquid soap and hand sanitizer.  We try to offer all of our amazing scents in more then one avenue so that you can maximize all of the benefits from our products.

Soap Bars




Box Sets

Spa Setting
Wrapped Package

All product is handcrafted at Simply Quimby.  

We take great pride in creating the best products for you and your family. 

We believe in being upfront about our products and try to make them as natural as we can.   

We do use Stephenson's All Natural Melt and Pour for some of our soap bases, because it is the safest for Avery to help create our bars.

All of our essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil prior to going into our bases.  Any claims made about our products (Calming, relaxing, etc) are what we have experienced or have been told our products can do.  Each person is  different and the effects of each product can be different also.

Please keep in mind:

We are not doctors so any claims we make about our product should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor with any questions about using Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil products.  

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